BEYLER CONSTRUCTION INC. (“BEYLER İNŞAAT” or “Company”), , thank you for visiting our website. as the data controller

The purpose of this Website Privacy and Cookie Policy is to provide our Company with the website users/members/visitors (“Data Owner”) during the operation of the website (“Site”).

Regarding the processing of personal data obtained by using of cookies, in accordance with Article 10 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (“KVKK”) numbered 6698 and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU General Data Protection Regulation: “GDPR”). and to allow you to manage your privacy preferences.

As BEYLER İNŞAAT, we use some technologies (“cookies”) such as cookies, pixels, gifs to improve your experience during your visits to our online channels.

The use of technologies is carried out in accordance with the relevant legislation to which we are subject, primarily KVKK. As a data controller, our company undertakes to take the necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure the appropriate level of security, to carry out and have the necessary inspections done, in order to ensure the protection of your personal data and to prevent their unlawful access and processing.

 Our company will only process the personal data obtained in this way in accordance with the legal legislation regarding the “Personal Data Disclosure Text” available at within the scope of KVKK, and will not share it with a third party in any way contrary to the specified regulations, and

shall not be used for purposes other than processing.


A cookie is a small text file that the site saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. A cookie provides functions such as the proper functioning of a website, improving the user experience, improving the site and serving more relevant, interest-based advertising. The main purpose of the use of cookies is to improve the Site experience by preventing unnecessary advertisements that will not attract the attention of the user.

Cookie data consisting of information provided by our Site users with their consent, preferences made on the site, reactions to advertisement banners on the site, and information such as IP number and address are processed through cookie technology.

In this text, it is explained to you, as the Data Owner, for what purposes and which types of cookies are used on our Site and how you can control these cookies. As BEYLER İNŞAAT, we can stop using the cookies we use in our online channels, change their types or functions, or add new cookies to our site. Therefore, we reserve the right to change the provisions of this Policy when necessary. Any changes made to the Current Policy shall become effective upon publication on the Site or any public media.


In general, we use cookies for various purposes in our online channels and we process your personal data through these cookies. These purposes are mainly:

Operational uses: We may use cookies that we deem necessary for the administration and security of the company’s website, platform, applications and services. Examples of cookies used for operational purposes are technologies that allow the use of functions in websites, applications and platforms, and cookies used to detect irregular behavior in these channels.

Uses for functionality: The company may use cookies to facilitate the use of its website, platform, applications and services, to increase efficiency and to customize them for users. Technologies that enable remembering user information and preferences are examples of cookies used for functionality.

Performance-oriented uses: The company may also use cookies to increase and measure the performance of its website, application, platform and services. Examples of cookies used for this purpose are technologies that allow us to understand how users use the Company’s website, applications, platforms and services, and to analyze user behavior, and to understand whether the messages we send are interacted with.

Uses for advertising purposes: We may use related party cookies and third party/party cookies for the purpose of transmitting advertisements and similar content for the interests of users through the websites, platforms and applications of the Company or third parties. Examples of advertising uses are cookies that measure the effectiveness of ads and whether a particular ad is clicked on or not.


As a general practice, internet browsers automatically accept the cookies of the sites you visit. Information on the use of Cookies by our company is given with a pop-up window on your first visit to our company’s website and mobile application platforms, and when you approve and close this window, you will be deemed to have accepted this Cookie Policy. Thus, as a result of your use of our company’s website, mobile application and social media tools, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the Policy, within the framework of the Policy. If you do not want to accept Cookie applications on your electronic device, you can refuse the Cookie application.


To change your preferences regarding the use of cookies, or to block, reject or delete saved cookies, simply change your browser settings. Although the use of cookies is not mandatory for the use of our Internet Based Site and applications, if you close your browser to the use of Cookies, reject or delete Cookies, our website, mobile applications and social media tools may not work properly, and you may be prevented from accessing them or benefiting from various functions. Thus, the quality of your user experience may decrease or disruptions may occur during the delivery of the services you request. For this reason, we recommend that you allow cookies for some features and services of our website, mobile application and social media tools to work properly.


Until the Cookies in your browser are disabled; It is possible to clear the stored cookie data. The location of these settings varies depending on the browser you are using. You can delete the cookies already on your computer and prevent the saving/placement of cookies on your internet browser. Internet browsers are predefined to automatically accept cookies. Since managing cookies differs from browser to browser, you should refer to the browser’s or application’s help menu for detailed information. If you choose to delete cookies, your preferences on the relevant website will be deleted. In addition, if you choose to block cookies completely, many websites and digital platforms, including our Company’s websites, may not work properly. It should also be taken into account that the mandatory Cookies are anonymous cookies that are mandatory for the online channels to work properly, for the users to browse the site and to benefit from the site features.



1 Open Chrome on your computer.

2 Click More Settings in the top right.

3 Click Advanced at the bottom.

4 Under the “Privacy and security” section, click Site settings

5 Cookies Show all cookies and site data Click Remove all.

6 Confirm by clicking Clear all.

Internet Explorer:

1 Click the Tools menu. If you can’t see the menu, press the Alt button on your keyboard to show the menus.

2 Click the delete cookies button.

3 Click the Yes button in the confirmation window.

4 Click the close button

Firefox :

1 Click the menu button and select Options

2 Select the Privacy and Security panel.

3 In the Cookies and site data section, click the Clear data button.

4 Uncheck the Cookies and site data box.

5 With the cached web content box checked, click the Clear button.

As an example, information on how to manage Cookies and privacy preferences for some commonly used browsers is given above. If you are using a different browser, you can visit your browser’s settings tab or help center for cookie management.


Company websites and platforms may contain links to third party websites, products and services. The aforementioned links accessed from our site are subject to the privacy-security, use and personal data processing policies of third parties, and it should be noted that third parties and sites belonging to third parties are independent of the Company and the Company is not responsible for these practices of third parties. In case of visiting the linked websites, we recommend that you read the privacy policies of these websites.


Because, disputes that may arise due to personal data and information processing and use, ethical principles, privacy-security principles, service quality, terms of use and other practices of websites belonging to third parties, which are accessed for advertising, banners, viewing content or for any other purpose, Our Company is not responsible for material and moral damages and losses.

The information obtained by the data owners from our site or from other sites linked on our site, information and promotion electronically communicated to the parties.

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